4 Most Popular Car Brands In Lagos

Owning a car in Lagos is a necessity at some point, especially if you want to avoid all the hitches and troubles of buses and tricycles. However, also as important as buying a car is knowing which one to buy.

While knowing where to buy the car is not a problem, deciding which one to buy sometimes is. This is because the possibility of seeing some particular cars everywhere is likely to confuse you. These cars are so popular, you will see them on every road, in fact, with every 5 cars you see per time, you are likely to see to see at least four of these among them.

The reason for this can be attributed to Taxify and Uber as well as other people’s choices. Without further ado, here are the top 4 most popular car brands you will find in Lagos.

1. Toyota Corolla (Corolla Sport)

This is definitely the most popular car in Lagos. Popular for being a Taxify cab or Uber cab. Most people go for this car because of the economic advantage of the car. It is “cheap” and fuel efficiency is good too. However, be careful befor buying the car so you don’t get misunderstood.

2. Toyota Camry (Big Daddy)

The elder brother of Corolla Sport, this one too is so popular, you can hardly miss it. Also popular for similar reasons and most especially because of the size and price efficiency.

3. Toyota Camry (Muscle)

This car gives you a touch of “bigness” and efficiency at the same time. Popular among young people and sometimes sugar daddies.

4. Honda Accord (End of Discussion)

It is amazing how this car is still popular these days due to the age of the car. The beauty of the car is timeless really. Mostly used by family men who have just started a new family.

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